Monday, September 13, 2010

No Blog Posts!

I know I've been way too neglectful.  But these past few weeks, I've just been too tired and lazy to think.  I would rather spend my free time with my baby and then read!
Here's what I've read since this month:
Demon From The Dark (Immortals After Dark #10) By Kresley Cole  ***** 5 stars
Ravenous (The Dark Forgotten #1) By Sharon Ashwood *****5 stars
Killbox ( Sirantha Jax #4) By Ann Aguirre *****5stars

They were all fantastic! I found another favorite series through the person of Ms Sharon Ashwood. I was actually spooked while reading her book.
Well, Kresley Cole and Ann Aguirre, what can I say, their books have been amazing.  They never disappoint.