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I'm Arlene. I'm 32 yo, 2 years older than my hubby (you can imagine the bickering), a mother of a 3-yo whom I totally adore.

I love reading! I'm obsess with Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and anything that has romance in it! I read like there is no tomorrow. Because of my obsession, I have visited websites from wonderful and talented ladies who express their love for the genre by starting their book blogs.  These ladies have inspired me to start my own.  Not really as a book reviewer, but mostly for selfish reasons, as an outlet for me to rant whenever I feel like I had to tell someone about my recent recent reads, my fave authors and other news that is exciting to me.  What I would also really like is to start a blog that would get together lovers of these genre from my country, The Philippines.  It would be great to discuss books and update everyone on book releases and events from our local bookstores.  This is more of an ambitious goal, which I know is very far from happening in the near future with me having a 9-5 job and handling our business as well. Oh well.  :)

Thanks for visiting my site and it would be great if you let me know what you think. ;)
As what I would usually say,
Escape your world, Grab a book! :D

Happy Reading!

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