Sunday, August 29, 2010

After Reading Silver Borne By Patricia Briggs

At first I thought that I have already read Silver Borne since the first chapter was so familiar but for the life of me, I cound not remember what happened in the the book. As I continued to chapter 2, I then realized that what I had read was only an exerpt from the book. Good thing I did not stop reading or else I would have missed a really great part of Mercy's exciting life with the wolves and the fae.
Mercy always seems to attract trouble one way or another. As if her precarious position as the Alpha's mate and her being a coyote and not pack which in itself built resentment from the pack is not enough, she once again innocuously involved herself from power-hunger faes. Not just your ordinary magic weilding fae but the Fairy Queen no less.
This time the limelight was shared with Samuel. And I can't wait to know what had really happened with Samuel and his tragic love with a particular fae. The enigmatic and dominant Samuel stammering in front of a girl..precious! I have always wanted Samuel to find his HEA. I didn't realized he already found it and lost it and now, found it once more and I know this time, he won't let it go.
I don't want to spoil it all but this time Adam and Mercy's mating bond finally, finally became solid and strong. How the bonds between the pack and the mated pack were beautifully described and were actually witnessed by Mercy in her magic-induced state.
What I would like to know about next is The Marrock's. I hope he'll get his own HEA in a separate book soon!
My rating: *****5 stars

Thursday, August 19, 2010

After Reading Blood Song By Cat Adams and Pride Mates By Jennifer Ashley

This one is going to be brief so I decided to combine 2 books to talk about.

I tried, really I did.  I was already 80% done  but I find it boring and it has too many things going on which really has no point or relevant to the story. There's this Prince and a demon, Celia and her being a vampire and her group of friends which some of them I wouldn't call at all, Celia and her best friend who is clairvoyant,  Celia and her ability to feel ghosts, I could go on and on.  I just don't see the point. I figured, some mystery would have seen the light even just a bit since I'm almost done with the book. But, nope. It does not compare to the likes of Kate Daniels, Chess Putnam, or Mercy Thompson. I guess I may have expected too much.  rated: * one star

This one was unexpected.  It's the title, I guess, so stereo-typed for a shifter PNR.  But there's actually more to it than that.  My curiosity for the shifters was just as piqued as Kim. I was struck on how emotionally uninhibited the shifters are to their kind. Kim even thought it was somewhat sexual, them rubbing their faces to  another shifters neck, not just to the opposite sex, but same sex as well.  I like how Liam is not affected by how humans treat shifters.  The discrimination are ridiculously inhumane.  No updated technology, no college for their children, no rights as beings. He is not affronted by how humans treat them because it does not matter to him.  It does not make him who he is inside.  He can do without those things human seem to find important. I like that.
 Not withstanding Kim's sizzling encounters (they were at it like bunnies!) with the delectable Liam Morrisey, I recommend this read for PNR lovers who wants some great story behind great sex scenes. rated : **** 4 stars

Saturday, August 14, 2010

On A Roll

I'm sorry but I'm just too lazy to post reviews and comments! Since last week, I've read Eternal Kiss Of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost, City Of Ghosts by Stacia Kane, Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill,  Seduce The Darkness by Gena Showalter. And they're all great reads! Now, I've started reading Blood Song by  Cat Adams (pseudonym for C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp), a new author for me.  So far so good.  I'm still waiting for some romance though, I hope it has one even just a little bit.

Anyway, I hoped to be cured of this lazy malady soon. Happy reading all!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Just Lurve Snippets!

(Especially if it's Kate and Curran!!)

Damn it all to hell.  “Who snitched?”
“When you called Barabas, it became an issue and he had to give Jim a heads up in case our security had to storm the GBI offices and bust you out of there.  I found out when I saw Jim walking down the hallway snickering to himself.”
I made a mental note to punch Jim in the arm next time I saw him.   “Thought it was funny, did he?”
Curran’s face took on a steel-hard expression.  “I didn’t think it was funny.”
Oh-oh.  “People were about to die and I could save them.”
“You could’ve been killed.  For what?  For the necromancers?”
“There was a girl.  The PAD opened fire and cut her leg almost completely off.  She might have been twenty tops.  She almost bled to death in my office.”
“It was her choice.  If she wanted to stay safe, she could’ve joined the Girl Scouts.  She isn’t out selling cookies, she’s piloting diseased corpses for a living.”
I twisted, trying to break the lock of his fingers on my wrists.  “So you would’ve stood by and let the PAD kill four people?”
Curran moved my hands back and forth, looking into my ears of all places, as if the answer was hiding in there.  “Four of the People.  Not only that, but I can take a shot from M24.  You can’t.”
I jerked my hands above my head.  The move stretched him above me and suddenly we were face to face.  A little thrill ran through me.  Being in close proximity to Curran always made arguing difficult.  I still managed.
“When you offered me this business, did you think I would stay in the office all day baking cookies?”
“Nobody ever died of being shot by a cookie.”
He had me there.  I groped about my brain for a snappy come back.  “There is always the first time.”
Oh now there was a brilliant response.  No doubt he’d now collapse at my feet in awe at my intellectual magnificence.
“If anybody could manage being shot by a cookie, it would be you.” Curran shifted his weight on top of me.  His hold relaxed.
I bumped his nose with my forehead, gently.  “Boom.  Now you’re dazed and bleeding all over.  And then I free my hands and knock you over, like so.”  I slipped my hand  out of his hold and nudged his side with my fist.  “And then I have my evil way with you, while lay there, helpless.”
“And bleeding?”
“No, you stopped bleeding, because you’re a shapeshifter.”
He jerked my hand aside and dipped his head.  His lips brushed mine, at first tender, than teasing, then insistent and I melted right into it.  His tongue parted my lips and slid inside of my mouth.  His tongue teased mine and I teased back, asking for more, drinking him in.
“I’m glad you’re alive,” he told me.
“Me too.”
I nipped his lower lip.  His eyes turned a darker grey.  He dipped his head and kissed me again.  The shock of his tongue against mine was electrifying. I smelled him, I tasted him, I felt his arms around me, and it left me dizzy and breathless, and craving more. I slid my arms around his neck, molding myself against him.  The hard muscle bunched under my fingers, and I kissed him back, his lips, the corner of his mouth, the sensitive point under his jaw, tasting his sweat and the sharp touch of stubble on my lips.  He made a quiet masculine noise, halfway between a deep growling rumble and a purr.  My heart beat faster.  I wanted out of my clothes.  His hands slid under my sweatshirt.  I arched my back…
He stopped.
Curran pulled his hand out.  His fingers were dark with congealed blood.  “Human.”
Aaaaand the happy moment screeched to a halt.

Still At It

Sigh..I'm still reading Eternal Kiss of Death for like 5 days already! I mean I really want to finish it..not because it's awful that I want it to end.  Quite the opposite, in fact! I adore Mencheres! I really hope I find the time to read at night.  Whenever I make the daughter sleep at night,  I ended up falling asleep as well! I sometimes force myself to wake up and read until my vision turns blurry and I see the words twice and nothing would register in my mind. Ugh! I hope to finish by tonight and start with City Of Ghosts already!